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17 November 2010 @ 06:57 pm
- WWE performer Kevin Kiley (a/k/a Alex Riley) was arrested this morning in Tampa, Florida on suspicion of driving under the influence.

The apprentice of The Miz was stopped at 1:14 a.m. at KENNEDY BL W/MACDILL AV N in Tampa, Florida and booked into the Hillsborough County Sheriff's Office at 2:56 a.m.

His arrest report indicates that he refused to take a sobriety test after the arresting officer suspected that he was driving under the influence.

He was released at 9:33 a.m. on $500 bond.
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01 November 2010 @ 06:46 pm
Pee wee herman!!!

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Amy “Lita” Dumas Interview Recap
For full audio please visit http://www.inyourheadonline.com

Jack, OIB and Barbie Richards are joined by Amy Dumas formerly known as Lita from WWE fame!

Jack mentions that Lita is shooting a pilot later this month. Lita mentions that her show “Silver Scream Spook Show” has aired one hundred episodes and has been planning to shoot a pilot episode. Lita describes the show as being Pee Wee Adventure meeting the Munsters.

Lita is told about the WWE retiring the WWE Women’s Championship. Lita says that the person holding the championship can only make people care about it. She doesn’t believe that Harvey Wippleman added anything to the belt.

Spec Sun asks who came up with Lita’s gimmick in ECW. Lita credits Paul Heyman with the idea of Miss Congenialty. She never quite understood the character. Lita jokes about the proposal with a “classy condom” angle.

El Santo calls in and wants to know when is Lita coming out with new music. Lita would love to, but her drummer is on tour. She is hoping that by the new year they can get back to work on the music.

Mr. President asks what does Lita think about Mickie James song. Lita hasn’t heard the song.

Jack asks about Lita’s last promo in WWE. Lita says the promo was written by her and that their may have been shades of truth in the promo.

Jack asks if Lita would ever go back to wrestling. Recently, Lita says she has thought about returning to wrestling for fun. Lita wouldn’t be opposed to making a few shows.

Lita hasn’t been asked to comeback to WWE since her departure but she maintains a good relantionship with everyone in WWE.

Lita really thought she worked well with Edge very well. Lita really enjoyed working with Edge and John Cena because they were all friends.

Jack mentions that recent Matt Hardy videos. “Oh my god, what happened to that guy?” says Lita. Lita talks about maturity and the association with the videos recently.

Lita notes that Matt Hardy was professional to work with throughout the feud. She does believe that Hardy may have complained to his friends about having to feud with a woman.

Barbie asks if the lesbian angle with Trish Stratus was offered to Lita first. Lita can not recall if she was offered first but she very well could have been. Lita jokes about being involved with the demon spell angle which “was a good one, right?”

Lita says it is easy to turn down a angle.. But then you are taken off television!

Andrew calls in and asks about the TLC match from Wrestle Mania 17. Lita can not remember how much the wrestlers knew beforehand since it was a long time ago. Lita says that she doesn’t get sick of watching those crazy matches.

Lita didn’t have a problem doing high risk moves after her neck injury because it wasn’t her fault but rather a fluke. The first few moves were scary though.

Barbie mentions Lita’s run as a commentator on WWE HEAT. Lita enjoyed commentating as she was learning new stuff.

A caller asks about Lita’s character being booked as a trashy female in ECW. Lita didn’t care about the chants from the fans in the original ECW. The only problem she had with the angle in WWE involving herself, Edge and Matt Hardy was with the blurring of the lines between reality and angle. Lita mentions that she turned down offers to pose for Playboy because of young teens looking up to her.

John calls in and asks about a rumor that Lita didn’t want to shake hands with people in the locker room and that she wanted to quickly leave the arena. Lita says she had a fun time and that if she didn’t want to go, she wouldn’t have gone.

Lita thinks that internet for wrestling is good for fans to keep them interested in the business. Lita thinks it is pretty cool how dedicated wrestling fans are to wrestling.

Lita says she will be doing a few appearances here and there.

For full audio please visit http://www.inyourheadonline.com

credit - lordsofpain.net
21 September 2010 @ 06:46 pm
I just wanted to say i'm leaving this community because of the constant spam, that no one seems to either do anything about or give a shit about...so adios..
12 January 2010 @ 05:57 pm
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credit - Wrestling Globe Newsletter
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Following Jeff Hardy and Shannon Moore's
surprising appearances on TNA Impact last night, there are currently unsubstantiated reports that Matt Hardy and Hurricane Helms could consider following Hardy and Moore to TNA.

Bleacher Report reports that Hardy might consider requesting his WWE
release to be closer to Hardy and be on the TNA schedule.

Today, Matt Hardy posted two items on Twitter that helps fuel the idea that Hardy is frustrated with the current WWE schedule.

"Two hours into a media morning in Louisville & I remember why I dislike mornings & having to put the 'game face' on when I don't really have it," Hardy said.

Hardy added: "3 more radio
interviews & I'm outta here.. Thank God. Oh wait, then I have 12 hours worth of TV to do after, ugh. Whatya do?"

Torch Reader Alert: Torch editors Wade Keller and Bruce Mitchell are currently discussing the topic in today's PWTorch Livecast

[Torch photo credit Wade Keller (c) PWTorch.com]
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Two of my sources, one of which being the source that let me to inform Joe Burgett that Jeff Hardy and Shannon Moore had signed with TNA-(beating every other news outlet in the world mind you), have informed me that Shane Helms, better known as WWE's resident natural disaster, the Hurricane, has made an informal request for his release.

Helms has long wanted to form a tag team again, and joining Moore in TNA would allow him to do so.

* Side-note-there have been zero Evan Karagias sightings, this is a very good thing.*

Helms could file an official request for a release as early as 8AM Eastern time tomorrow, and much like Tommy Dreamer would more than likely be granted his release.

One of the sources also dropped the much larger piece of news that Matt Hardy might want to join his brother Jeff and his friend(s) Shannon and potentially Shane Helms in TNA if the WWE would grant him his release.

Again, he could request it as early as 8AM Eastern time, but it's more likely that Matt Hardy would wait until after the Royal Rumble to do so.

Hardy has been adamant about being close to his brother Jeff, and the WWE may block a potential request fearing that once Jeff's year is up in TNA, they might try to reform the Hardyz in the 6 sided ring, rather than have him resign with the WWE.

Matt is scheduled to meet with agents after the Smackdown tapings tonight, and as I said, could be in a meeting tomorrow morning with Helms requesting his release to join Jeff in TNA.

When Joe broke the Jeff/Shannon news people thought it was a joke, but like that tid-bit, this is the real deal.
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- The angle concerning lockerroom resentment for John Cena, as highlighted in promos from Jesse Ventura and Carlito, has some footing in reality. While the ill will was obviously exaggerated for storyline, a number of wrestlers do reportedly resent Cena's standing with management, a feeling that is attributed to either envy of his cushy position or disgust for his "company man" attitude, depending on who is asked. Sources say his public airing of grievances with The Rock, regardless of the fact that he was likely reading company-fed lines, did not help his standing with "the boys."

- It's been heavily rumored that Dwayne Johnson would be making a one-night return to WWE early next year as the special guest host of an episode of RAW. In an update on the situation, "The Rock" is saying he hasn't decided upon what day that would be. January, which was the time period primarily discussed with WWE, looks to be challenging and unlikely considering he's going to be so busy with the publicity campaign for his next movie, Tooth Fairy. WWE reportedly had their sights set on Johnson hosting RAW on either the 4th or the 11th.

On another note, Johnson is saying Tooth Fairy will be his final family comedy movie for a while as he's looking to move on to different types of roles. He said he set a goal three years ago to do family comedy movies for a while, but feels the time has come to explore other opportunities. The Other Guys, where Johnson worked with Samuel L. Jackson, recently concluded filming and will be out this summer. And once the publicity campaign for Tooth Fairy has completed, he'll immediately begin shooting his next film, Faster, with Billy Bob Thornton (scheduled for January 22, 2010). Hence, if and when Johnson returns to WWE, it will likely take place in March at the earliest.

While Johnson's saying he wants to return, he hasn't decided on what the best scenario would be, so he may not necessarily come back as the host of RAW.

Source: Wrestling Observer Newsletter
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Several current WWE stars have posted thoughts on Jeff Hardy's arrest on Twitter. Below are comments:

Chavo Guerrero: "Hey guys, just heard about jeff Hardy. Don't know details yet but i want to give my support. Jeff is a classy person and also have his back!"

Chris Jericho: "Don't think of judging Jeff Hardy until you've walked a mile in his shoes. I will always have Jeffs back..."

Matt Hardy: "Thanks for the support on SD tonight-I know I'm not 100% yet, but I promise you I'll get there. And remember, innocent until proven guilty... It's been a long, stressful day for me.. But, everything will be ok.. Guaranteed. Like Public Enemy said "Don't Believe The Hype!""